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Cork tree woodlands cover the surface of nearly 5.4 million acres in 7 Mediterranean nations consisting of Portugal, Spain, Algeria, Morocco, Italy, Tunisia and France. These trees are synonymous with this region, as well as they stand for among the most effective instances of the advancement of the multi-functional forest. This landscape sustains an abundant diversity of wildlife, including the Iberian lynx, imperial eagle and deer, together with farmlands, to develop a distinct balance in between guy as well as nature. The cork woodland serves a beneficial environmental feature by giving dirt preservation, aquifer recharge, and run-off control, while likewise buffering against climate modification and also desertification.

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The cork oak landscapes help reduce greenhouse gases because the trees save big amounts of carbon, particularly in their early years, which is when they expand the fastest. The Andalusian woodlands in Spain shop greater than 150 million lots of carbon dioxide, and also cork oak trees are accountable for nearly 11 percent of this overall. Cork oak trees save carbon in order to restore their bark, and a gathered tree absorbs up to five times a lot more carbon than a non-harvested tree.


Cork has been collected for centuries and also is one of the finest instances of typical, lasting land use that provides a practical source of income for future generations. The care and harvesting of cork is a highly-skilled organisation in the western Mediterranean, where each generation has tutored the next in a constant procedure from the moment of the ancient Greeks.

Collecting of the outer bark of the cork oak tree (not the trunk) takes place every 9 to 12 years in the late springtime and early summertime when the cells are turgid and also breakable and also tear without being damaged. The tougher cork is utilized for flooring and also insulation, while the supple, even-structured cork is made use of for red wine closures. A tree normally needs 25 years of growth prior to it produces the high quality of cork used for a glass of wine closures, but it will supply a harvest for some 200 years.

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There are about 5.4 million acres of cork woodland worldwide, with 33% located in Portugal and 23% in Spain.

The cork oak (quercus suber) is a medium-sized evergreen oak tree belonging to Southwest Europe and Northwest Africa There have to do with 5.4 million acres of cork forest worldwide, with 33% located in Portugal and also 23% in Spain. Annual production has to do with 340,000 bunches: 53% from Portugal, 32% from Spain, as well as 6% from Italy. Portugal generates approximately 50% of cork harvested every year worldwide. Once the trees have to do with 25 years of ages, professionals use an ancient treatment, which maintains the integrity as well as health of the trees, to strip the cork from the trunks every nine years. If the tree is collected appropriately, it can live for about 200 years.

The cork oak is a medium-sized evergreen oak tree native to Southwest Europe and also Northwest Africa.

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The trunk is lowered vertically on a prominent crevice. At the same time, with a spin of the ax, the cork board is divided from the bark. It is feasible to approximate the removal trouble from the ax blow. If it appears hollow, it will be easy harvesting. When the blow appears completely dry, it may suggest a tougher removal.

The cork board is divided from the trunk by placing the side of the ax in between the tree

With a horizontal cut, the cork board size is detailed. This is the only minute during collecting that may bring upon some light damages to the bark and might cause some changes to the trunk geometry.

The cork board is very carefully extracted from the tree so that it does not damage. The larger the board is, the more valuable it will certainly be. After the first board is removed, the procedure is repeated until all useful cork is drawn from the oak.

After extraction, the tree is entrusted a cork skirting around its trunk base.

The tree is noted in white paint with the extraction year's last digit to keep an eye on the next harvest. Every 9 years, a new layer of cork will certainly be ready for extraction.

After harvesting, the boards are stacked in the forest or near the plant. They stay revealed to outdoors, sunlight and also rain. The piling of the bark complies with very rigorous policies with the resting period lasting a minimum of six months. See this page for more on Cork For Industrial Use

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